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About us

I have been making instruments since 1990. I am almost exclusively involved in making hurdy-gurdies, from which more than 250 instruments were made by 2006. I learned the profession at the Musical Instrument Makers’ School in Budapest between 1990 and 1992. As to my vocational degree, I am an instrument maker for stringed and plucked instruments.

However, my activities as a performing artist and folk music researcher have driven me towards the folk music instruments from the very beginning on.

half ready instruments Master of Folk Arts Mr. Mihály Bársony from whom I learned quite a lot died in 1989, and I have been taking care of his heritage ever since which is considered as a real ethnographical speciality. After Uncle Mihály’s death it was obvious that I would specialize in making hurdy-gurdies. In 1992 we founded together with my father the Tekerő Kft (Hurdy-Gurdy Ltd.) and we started a large-scale work. I modernized the structure of the Hungarian hurdy-gurdy, searched for and applied the archaic instrument shapes and decoration motives. This work finally resulted in the development of the style by which a Szerényi hurdy-gurdy is immediately recognizable, be it a Hungarian type, an historical model, or an instrument with a modern shape. In my istruments one can find my master mark which I inherited from my great-grandfather. Moreover each instrument is provided with the jury number of the Secretariate of Folk Crafts and Arts.
In 1993 I was rewarded with the titel of Young Master of Folk Arts as an instrument maker, and I have been working as a Folk Artist-Craftsman since 1994. In 2004 I obtained my master diploma, the peculiarity of which is that probably I am the only master instrument maker in the world who took his examination in hurdy-gurdy making.

Szerényi Béla Diploma

In the beginning of 2006, I received the award of Silver Diploma for making my 250. hurdy-gurdy.

Futó Gergely

Gergely Futó, who spent his appreniceship at my shop, works with me from 2007. Beside making hurdy-gurdies, he is an expert in guitar-making and electronics.
Our capacity grown, we canexpand our scope of business: after long years we take in mending of string instruments.

Early in the year I established a new workshop for the preparation of timber. The shop is equipped with heavy-duty industrial machines, so beside backin up my own activity, I can accomplish the ideas of my colleauge instrument-makers, artisans, or interior designers.

preparation of timber

preparation of timber

preparation of timber