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Szerényi hurdy-gurdies

Bársony és Szerényi tekerő At the moment my customers can choose from twelve different models, the eleventh one, a lute-backed hurdy-gurdy, is being under development. The great project of the near future is the creation of an exclusive model on which we are working together with a world-known architect/designer.

My instruments are almost exclusively made on customized order basis, thus the buyer can his hurdy-gurdy have fashioned according to his own demands. He can choose the wood material (nutwood, black nutwood, cherrywood, pearwood or maplewood), the colour of the instrument (from light yellow up to dark bordeaux), the decoration motives, the equipment and the tuning.

Each type has a basic category (with a corresponding basic price). This includes an instrument without decoration/ornaments, equipped with three strings (melody, buzzing and drone string) or with four strings (double drone strings) which is supplied with an artificial leather case.

Szerényi Béla Due to their structure, the Hungarian hurdy-gurdies have an extraordinarily strong sound, therefore, unlike the Western European models, one single melody string, one buzzing and one or two drone strings are largely sufficient. However, at the same time, the strong sound goes together with a very high string tension, therefore it is slightly more difficult to turn the crank, it simply necessitates a harder playing style. However, all this can be influenced by a different stringing.

The wheel diameter of the Hungarian hurdy-gurdies is 14 cm, the wheel-base of their crank is 5 cm, but you can also ask for a French type wheel (18 cm) and crank (8 cm).

Mágocsi típusú tekerőAny type can be made with bass tuning (an octave lower), or in electronic version (active or passive electronics).

The type of wood, the colour, the ornamentation, the equipment, and the tuning can be chosen.

All models are made with the stringing and tuning required by the procurer.
The basic models are sold in a leatherette case, but they can be ordered in a light case padded with sponge, or in a hard security case.