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Price list

Basic category 1200 Euro
three or four strings (melody, trumpet, bass or double bass), without ornamentation, leatherette case
Decorations +200 Euro
Double melody-stringed models +200 Euro
Resounding strings +200 Euro
Precision banjo and guitar wrests +60 Euro/piece
Passive electronics +250 Euro
Active electronics +450 Euro


Row of flags fixed with screws - string by string     +100 Euro csavarral rögzíthető zászlósor


Jutka (basic category, 2 melody, 1 trumpet, 1 bass string - with special banjo wrests) 1400 Euro
Symphonia (with four strings and tracery ornamentation, wooden-wrests)
Emil model (with a corpus made of gourd, wooden-wrests)
1000 Euro
Small hurdy-gurdies for children
(models "Blusi" and "Domi", with three strings)
900 Euro


műbőr tok

Leatherette case

30 Euro

műbőr tok

Padded, water resistant case 80 Euro

kemény biztonsági tok

Hard safety case

200 Euro


Ordering instruments

Szerényi-tekerők For ordering an instrument please contact:

Or call on of these numbers:
Tel.,fax: (36) 1 250 7976
Mobil: +36 20 438 9145

Necessary information for ordering:
- type of wood
- colour
- ornaments
- number of strings
- tuning
- special requests

If you would like to select any accessories, components, CDs or publications, please view the offers of our instrument store.