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Performing art - Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra


At the end of the 1980s an artistic movement started like an explosion that turned the attention to some rare and special instruments. Until then, Hungarian folk music was represented almost exclusively by the stringed instruments. From then on, however, the hurdy-gurdy and also the bagpipe were given a greater role.

  Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra  


To a not negligible extent, all this is thanks to the creation of the Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra in 1989. We were three to found this orchestra together with my friend musicians Ágoston Z. Bartha and Pál Havasréti. From the very beginning on, this orchestra has been working as a big band, bearing the marks of a festival orchestra. In this band, made up of up to 12 to 15 members, hurdy-gurdy players, wind instrument players and singers make music together, above all traditional hurdy-gurdy music from the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Our group is a real creative community, our members are versatile personalities who also individually do a lot for preserving the hurdy-gurdy traditions.


Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra


Béla Szerényi



Kertünk alatt Kertünk alatt (Behing our garden)
(1995 Adyton)
Este a fonóban Este a fonóban (An evening at the fonó)
(1996 Fonó Records)
Vitézek a végeknél Vitézek a végeknél (Valiant Warriors at the Border Fortresses)
(2001 Periferic Records)
Herczeg-Táncz (mp3)