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Performing art - Bokros ensemble


In around 1995/96, in addition to the sound of the hurdy-gurdy orchestra, I was becoming more and more intrigued by the possibilities of the hurdy-gurdy as a solo instrument. I was looking for a formation in which my instrument can assume the prime part. It is this idea which led to the birth of the Bokros Ensemble, the country’s best bourdon group, where besides the hurdy-gurdy also stringed and wind instruments as well as singing can be heard. The Bokros Ensemble is – as one of our publishers put it – a real „star orchestra”.

Bokros ensemble


It is set up of the following members: György Lányi és Pál Havasréti from the Téka ensemble, Mihály Borbély who is, at the same time, member of the Vujicsics Ensemble, of the Quartet B and of the Borbély Quartet, as well as my wife Judit Kóta and myself.

The sound invented by us has created a genre in Hungary. Moreover, the group had a lot of success also at the greatest festivals abroad (e.g. Saint-Chartier, Gooik). It is quite difficult to place Bokros’ music into any musical category, although according to one of our friends this is the „real” world music which has audibly extraordinarily strong roots and is full of creativity at the same time.

Judit Kóta Béla Szerényi and Judit Kóta

In 1998 a dear friend of mine of outstanding talent, visual artist Balázs Koncz asked me to make music for his animated film which was in preparation. The short film is a tale of Boccaccio’s Decamerone, the visual world and music of which were inspired by our common experiences we lived in Florence, Italy. Later, Balázs Koncz designed the cover and poster of Bokros Ensemble’s record St. Gellért’s Legend as well.



Túl a Tiszán Túl a Tiszán (Beyond the Tisza river)
(1996 FONÓ Records)
Szent Gellért legendája Szent Gellért legendája (St. Gellért’s Legend)
(1999 Periferic Records)
Szent Gellért legendája (mp3)
Bourdon synthesis Bourdon synthesis
(2001 Periferic Records)
Balassi verbunkja (mp3)
Szonáta (mp3)
Az ő szerelmének örök és maradandó voltáról (mp3)